Thursday, January 13, 2011

first of the many entries for this year

I am trying my damnest best to write something spectacular to end 2010 but that obviously didn’t happened. Then I thought, I’ll make it up for new year’s entry. Well…

Yes, the first thing in my resolution list is to STOP PROCRASTINATING like every other year. I really REALLY hope that this is the year I will stop this silly silly habit of mine.

2010 was great okay. It wasn’t exactly how I planned it to be, but you and I know, it could have been worst. This year was like a steady journey in a children train ride. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the emotional bit was a major roller coaster ride with quadruple loopers and all. The happening side was a bit slow, like JUGs before it was converted into a sport bar.

Btw, JUGs is having its ‘Swinging Back In Action’ party this Saturday, 15th January 2011. *hint hint*

That would be my mantra for this year. Yes, I ‘borrowed’ from the 3 Idiots movie. The first Bollywood movie after so many years. Kinda comforting, don’t you think. The phrase, not the movie.

Another thing I plan to do this year is to be more creative and adventurous.
Yes I can.

yes, we can. have a great year people

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