Monday, January 24, 2011

why so like that one?

I don’t know whether I should laugh or weep whenever I watch /see TVC / print ads by the government / semi government agencies. We pride ourselves as a creative and innovative nation, but seriously, those marketing tools does not reflect any of those qualities.

Of course, this is my personal opinion.

[It is 11.40pm and some idiot is karaoke-ing You Look Wonderful Tonight terribly. Some people are just bloody inconsiderate. *bangs head on the wall*]

Anyway, about those ads. I wonder what goes through those people’s head, you know those who approves them, when they see it on TV or in the print media?

I know I would want to dig a hole and put my head in it.

[OMG. The idiot is singing the same song again. *rolls eyes*]

You and I and everyone else know that advertisement are tools to attract or influence you to either buy or do what you want them to do. Like most shampoo companies that claim you do not need expensive hair treatments to get the silky hair if you use their product. Chances are eight of ten women would have at least tried one of those products once. Though advertisements don’t make me go buy or do what they want, but they do create an urge for THAT particular cheesy pizza or that tasty Big Mac. I must also admit, in certain cases, I envy the flawless skin and the fantastic figure of the so-called users.

My point is I wish they would put more thoughts into their campaigns. Yes, we must have our own identity and what not, but I am pretty sure those people do not dress like their still in the 70s or 80s do they? I am pretty confident they have an FB account and carrying BBs, IPhone or even IPads.

If they can follow the latest trends, surely they can apply the same in their promotional tools.

I received a brochure from some government agency recently and boy was I disappointed. This brochure is distributed to international guests and this is the best they can come up with? The qualities of the photos are bad and ‘Awesome At The Top’? My grammar is terrible but that phrase does not sound right to me.

I was horrified to see one particular photo of the city because it was taken many many MANY moons ago. Like hello? Where did Warisan Square go? Even if they cannot afford to charter a helicopter to take the latest aerial view, they can always replace it with another fabulous photo of the city. Come on, it’s common sense people.

To that agency, yes the government and advertising agencies, we have so many talented locals. Use them. If you do not know anyone creative and innovative, give me a call. I’ll be glad to introduce you to some of them. Free of charge. The introduction only, of course. Nothing is free in life, but it is negotiable.

PS: I want to post the photo of the aerial view of the city but something is wrong with my add photo button. *sighs*


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