Saturday, February 05, 2011

chicks and spit

One neighbor was having their CNY party yesterday. As my brother and I drove by their house, we were, well I was surprised and my brother was surely pleased to see so many chicks dressing like they’re going clubbing or something.

So, maybe THEY ARE going clubbing after that.

There were these two hot chicks in tight mini dresses and one in a really tight jean with killer heels just got out of their car and was busy fixing their hair and what not.

So I thought, “Wow, they’re hot” but before I could finish that sentence, one of them did the most disgusting thing.

She spat on the ground. *euuww*

Though you look super fantastic, that unhygienic behavior is a big NO-NO.

My brother said, she is only human.

They only see what they want to see don’t they?

How’s the CNY?
Mine was nice. Ekiel won some money in ketam-ketam but I lost it during Kua Merah. And boy he’s pissed.

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