Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Resume. Curriculum Vitae. Or whatever you called it is an important document to introduce you to a potential employer no? I remembered my ex boss giving me a long lecture about my CV when the agency was about to be taken over by a new management and what not.

Long story.

“Diligent? You should not put that as your special attribute because everyone is EXPECTED TO BE DILIGENT when working!!!”

Good times.

Because of the crazy and unhealthy drama at this place where I spent most of my day time at, I went digging for my good ol’ CV, for you know. Before Ekiel, I used to update it whenever I feel like banging my head on the wall but now, I just blog/update about it. Less painful I assure you.

My CV is a simple introduction of myself. I do not want it to be boring, but not too silly either and definitely no bragging about my so-called achievements. I try to give bits and pieces, just enough to make them curious. I like it short and sweet as well. Surely the HR personnel would thank me for that sensible action.

You really think the HR personnel will read your five pages resume?

Of course, I included my best professional photo. I know some bosses who screens the CVs through the applicants’ photo. Sad but true case my friend.

I never thought to exaggerate or lie in my CV because, hello, when people calls you for an interview, aren’t you worried they will actually test you for the skills you’ve written in your application?

Fair in a certain foreign language? Since when? You can barely speak English and yet you rate your English as excellent. Graduated in some college you never even step foot on the list goes on and on and on. I mean, there are certain things I would understand why you twist the truth, like your current salary, but skills are not something you should lie about.

There are plenty of cases where the newbie comes in with a spectacular CV but when it comes to getting the work done, *tsk tsk tsk* And since I b****h about them, I do not want to be like them. So what if I do not have the paper qualification or I could only speak two languages, I am good at many other things. And those other things are THE things you need to sell.

Some people call me under achiever. I’d like to think myself as, realistic.

Btw, no one really cares if you like to garden or singing. That bit of information is kinda useless for a job application. Unless you’re applying a gardener or a singing post. Maybe.

You should read those fresh from high school’s resume. It’s like a biography of their life.

“My hobbies is Facebook, internet and youtube”.

Good luck in getting a job lil’ one.

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