Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Post 7K

Despite minor hiccups, I had a blast during the 11th Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Charity Run 2011.

The afternoon weather was superb but she went gloomy mode towards the evening. Everyone was worried when it drizzled for a bit. But I think that the Universe was just messing with us because the weather stayed cool and breezy the whole evening.

Bah, the Universe knows we are doing it for love and charity. So she cools off the afternoon heat for everyone larr.

The warming up session started at 4.50pm. Then at 5.17pm the Guest of Honor flagged everyone off.

I am happy to report that this year no one hurt themselves at the starting line. Few minutes later were the second flag off for the VIPs and children from the Sabah Special Olympics and Sabah Thalassaemia Society.

I tried to get the air horn can from one of the VIP but before I could catch up I was stalled by the other VIPs. I’m sorry but the sight of “him” running with the air horn can was hilarious.

And why were the VIPs holding the air horn cans if they were running?
Well it is one of those life’s mystery.

By 5.30pm or so, the first runner came back. He took some pictures, interviewed by the DJs and went for second round. Why? He has the stamina of a cheetah.

Here’s a recap of the 7K Carnival because I cannot remember everything that happened that night.

The first performance was by Malvin of Prince of Pop. The rest of the Prince was busy with their royal duties. *hee*

Next was Fanzi, the boy with the big voice. When I first heard him sing during our sound check, I was like *melted*. I so want to hear him sing “Lelaki Ini” by Anuar Zain because he has the voice for it. He is such a sweetie.

The Ariez was superb. I love it when the guitarist was jumping up and down and the lead singer jumped off the stage. *woohoo* Too bad the crowd sangat-sangat larr bersopan santun. The band members pun sangat-sangat bersopan santun juga. I also like the fact that they are punctual and very patient.

My favorite for the night was Soulmates. I have always a thing for acapella performances.

Nubhan was good. I love his voice.

Candy was “interesting”.

Adam and the VIP were entertaining.
All the young girls went gaga over them including the three Korean girls.

At one point I was “stuck” in front of the table where Adam and VIP were seating for their “Meet & Greet Fan” session. Pusing-pusing me cari place to escape and finally I have to yell at the girls to give me way. *tsk tsk tsk*

Anyway, despite the FOREVER “on my way”, all artistes turned up this year. *wipes forehead with relief*

Too bad I don’t have videos from their performances that night.

However, I have something better. Soulmates and Fanzi sang “Lelaki Ini” during our dinner after the 7K Run. *melts*

Thank you all for your great support.
Will try to make next year’s event better.


carolchs said...

what, the first one to sampai clocked less than 20 minutes!!punya lah laju!

angelicbug said...

ya bah. dia larr the first one to arrive for the past 3 years punya 7K.

aum or aul his name.

mau tanya tu apa secret dia.