Thursday, December 01, 2011


Black. That was the theme colour of my wardrobe many moons ago. Black IS the colour for big sized girl like me no? To give the slimming 'illusion'?

But then, when I look at myself in the mirror, I see a zombie so I added army / apple green to 'spice' things up.

Yes, I was not a colour adventerous at all.

Then one day, I woke up and decided that I love baby pink. It is the total opposite of me, but hey, it makes me feel so 'pwetty'. Hehehe.

When the whole orange fever hit almost everyone in the country, I didn't understand the fascination. Not until I bought an orange top because of the lack of colour choices and it kinda make my half-tanned skin glow. Happiness. Unfortunately, the colour screams for attention and I cannot deal with that.

I have always love Turquoise but I do not dare to wear the colour until recently.

And now, I think I am having a mid life crisis. You know how middle-aged men buys flashy cars? I am so attracted to bright BRIGHT colours and it is scary.

I have bought few ‘loud’ pieces, but I have yet to wear most of them. I have no idea where to wear it anyway. Hehehe.

I know I look crazy to some, but hey, we have to have ‘confidence’ to look good in whatever we wear. Even when we have to fake ‘it’. That’s Fashion 101 no?

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