Tuesday, May 29, 2007

29 May 2007

Sometimes I wonder if I unconsciously asking/looking for problems.
I don’t know what possessed me last night to accept the task considering I am already overloaded with work. *bangs head on wall*

Maybe. I am just tired with people underestimating me.
Maybe. I still need to prove to myself that I am capable/worthy.
Maybe. I need to push myself to the limit so I could feel mortal again.
Maybe. I wasn’t thinking straight last night.
Maybe. I just want the attention. *sticks tongue out*

Anyhoo. It is done. I just gotta make the best out of it. *whistles*

OMG. I couldn’t think of anything interesting to share. How SAD is that? *yawns*
My only excitement in life, at the moment, is the possibility of seeing THAT GUY. Yes. Yes. I am still sad like that. Don’t expect me to do anything about it because I won’t. What if I imagined the whole flirting thing? That could happen. Like the other day when I thought I saw a cockroach scurrying across the room but NO ONE else saw it! *hmmm*

The last thing I need is disappointment. So let’s be realistic about it. I am sure he is younger than I am. People his age will not be interested with people my age especially someone complicated like me. No? Honestly I couldn’t even imagine what we have in common.

Oh well. The heart racing and butterflies in the stomach was good. Too bad it wasn’t meant to last.

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