Thursday, May 24, 2007

surprise. not so surprise.

There was a point in my life when I was positively sure I would make a good party planner. I’ve organized camps, telematch, parties, and mini concerts without many problems. Of course, these were during my high school/teenage life and those events were for school children. The biggest challenge was to keep them entertained and involved with the activities.

As an adult, people expect A WHOLE LOT more from you. Everyone is critical with every detail you chose and every decision you make. Personally I don’t care so much what other people think BUT I am more worried about what I myself would critique and comment. I wouldn’t say I am a perfectionist. BUT, I do have this habit where I need the things I do to be in order and flawless. Perfect. It drives me crazy when other people do not put extra attention in the small details. Of course, I do not throw a fit or anything violent, I would usually ended up redoing the whole thing on my own.

We (my siblings and I) are in the midst of preparing for my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary and my mom’s 50th birthday. I have it all planned out in my head. It would be a simple but lovely affair. The tricky bit is to make sure it happens without problems. Okay. Without much problem. We barely even started already I am having problems with corporation from everyone. *rolls eyes* Predictable.

While I was busy doing work, planning, day dreaming and trying not to daydream, my parents found the invitation letters I was supposed to mail earlier. *bangs head on the wall* The thing is, every Sunday my dad would check the post box on his way to my aunt’s place. That Sunday I tagged along because I wanted to mail the invitations. Then my dad decided not to go to the post office because he forgotten the post box keys. So I kept those letters in the car (my sister’s) compartment and forgotten all about it until my mom called me in the office and wants to know the content of the red envelopes.

I was so shocked but then I started laughing. Yes, I know it is a strange reaction considering the circumstances but it was funny because my mom thought it was an invitation for a wedding (just because the envelope is in red) and she demands to know who are those cards from. I told her to ask my sister, the car owner and my mom said she did and that sister insisted those cards are mine. I then told her I am not in the position to tell because the cards aren’t mine. I only designed the card and distributed them as per instruction. The time will come when my mom will be informed about the contain of the card. My mom seems content with the explanation but I know my mom still thinks it’s a wedding invitation card. Who’s wedding it is she is uncertain but I am sure my mom knows it’s not mine. I wouldn’t suspect me either. *whistles* Thank God I sealed those cards and I was surprised when my dad told my mom to just open it. Hee.

Work is getting crazy. I have been working every alternate weekend. It’s tiring but that’s not the main issue. Most time I am clueless with what I need to do and I hate that. I am so worried I will make a fool out of myself. Like this Sat when I need to emcee an event. No idea what’s happening and how it is done. *rolls eyes* Sometimes being efficient is not a good thing.

I need a drink. Preferably with THAT GUY. Refer to previous post.

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