Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No J

I couldn’t believe I screwed up the press release.
It wasn’t really a big thing but unfortunately without that particular alphabet, the Datuk name would mean something else and that would create a very embarrassing situation for the Datuk. I should have been more careful especially when I know I wasn’t focussing at all that day. Late night and fatigue. The error was done and I can’t do anything else except take full responsibility for my carelessness.

And I thought I managed to save the day when I realized I’ve forgotten to add in the venue of the event after sending the press release out but managed to resent it again on time. *bangs head on wall*

My colleague said we are only humans and we make mistake. But I know without that one alphabet, my life would be almost hell for the next few days. Thank goodness I will be on leave Friday & Saturday. People are waiting for me to screw up and I am sure they are now doing their victory dance. I feel sad and shitty. Could use a good hug now. *sigh*

Why is it when you feel bad about something, all the other bad/sad feeling comes rushing back to you?
I just want to go home and dream of good things.

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