Tuesday, June 26, 2007

oh what a night

I say the party went pretty well.

That Saturday morning was crazy. I was on the road from 9am to 4pm going all around Penampang area to get the necessary. I assure you the plan was simple. BUT we had to do last minute change because my parents decided to go to the same supermarket to do groceries. It wasn’t so bad except that there is no store in KK that sells everything we need. We had to go to 7 different places to get everything in our grocery list. SEVEN! *rolls eyes*

When we finally got everything, everyone (almost) pitched in to help and by 7.30pm everything was all set (except for some guests who have no concept of time). To us that is a record. The whole decor and menu didn’t go as plan, but I was happy enough to see everything was done before my parents arrived so I kept my mouth shut.

A very short recap.
- My fifth brother wasn’t so successful in convincing my dad to go the evening mass (so he could drive straight to my aunt’s place after the service) so he panicked. We had no choice but to tell the truth (half) to my dad. My dad happily agreed without realizing there was also a surprise for him. My mom told us that my dad gloated in front of her because he thought he knew. Hee.

- When my parents arrived, my mom got this puzzled look across her face. It took her quite a while before she realized what was going on. When she finally got it, she started crying and cried even more when she saw my grandparents who came all the way from Sandakan and my siblings who flew from Kuala Lumpur.

- We finally did the poco-poco but the *ahem ahem* older people wanted to karaoke so that dancing session didn’t last very long

- Those older people karaoke-d terribly

- My younger cousin, Lester who was already half drunk forced everyone (the other relatives) to drink. My 6th brother and my fifth brother’s friends got really drunk and were throwing up the rest of the night. For someone who doesn’t talk that much, Lester was really loud and chatty. His famous line for that night was "Teda bulu kaki ko ni" (you have no balls – it means more or less the same).

- The party ended around 2am. We managed to clean up my aunt’s place, my forth sister sent all the drunkards home while I watched my sixth brother puked his gut out. Hee.

The next occasion?
Our island trip.

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