Saturday, May 17, 2008

sat morning reminder

The past few days I let myself whirl in self-pity.
Is it that time of the month you ask?
Well I guess it is.

To make it more dramatic, of course, I listen to sappy songs every night.
Sure those songs have nothing whatsoever to do with me but that’s beside the point.
Every drama must have a soundtrack right?

Why am I so depressed?
It started at work. Someone treats us like shit but we were told to give someone a break because that person is under pressure and has personal problem to handle. Like HELL-O? Everyone has problems so why give that person special treatment? To add salt to the wound, people point finger at our direction for things that doesn’t involved us. How does one not get affected by this madness?

I almost lost my temper but I cool down almost immediately because I find it silly when those people who tried to comfort me are the ones who makes my life miserable.

The funny thing is, whenever I feel the world is unkind to me, I am ALWAYS reminded I have plenty of things to be grateful for. It’s annoying sometimes but it is the truth. *sighs*

The first email I opened this morning reminded me that my job is not so bad after all. There are many other people who had to do hard physical labour for minimal pay and zero benefits. My job is not so bad; it’s just the people who make it hell. I should count my blessings which I am because I may still be out of job with bills to pay and my son to clothe and feed.

It's easier to complain about the injustices that are happening in our life and we tend to forget other people's misfortune. *whistles*

I am thankful for all the reminders I get because it helps me to be a better person despite what other people think of me. Call me weak, ugly or stupid, that's their opinion because I don't think highly of them either. Ha.

At the end of the day, they don't control my life. For some weird reason, our path crossed but they are not permanent fixture in my life. So, why should I let these people mess with my head right? They don’t pay my bills and they surely don’t give a shit about me.

Shame on me for letting this people spoils my day. You would think I already know all this at my age. *LOL* Trust me I do.


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