Thursday, June 11, 2009


There are

24 hours
1440 minutes

86400 seconds

in a day.

When someone gave me that speech many many moons ago, I thought he was being silly. Of course, throughout the years I learned the reason behind the statement.

There are times when I wish I could just fast-forward to that vacation, get-together with friends and special functions. Then I see Ekiel and all his antics, I wish time could go slower so I could savor every moment before he thinks his mommy is not that cool after all.

This is just one of the many debates I have with myself.

Weird but true.

My grandparents are in town for their annual medical check-up. I love my grandparents. Despite the nagging, they are actually very funny people.

During a kissing scene in 27 Dresses

Grandma: Diorang nda takut ka tu ada kuman mau cium2 macam tu? (Don’t they worry about germs kissing like that?)

During a scene in Intan (Indonesian soap opera, where the husband was praying for his wife’s safety after she was kidnapped)

Grandma: Mana ada lelaki macam tu punya bagus? Tidak wujud langsung. (nice men like that doesn’t exist at all)

She said this with my grandpa sitting next to us. Hee.

Now I know where I inherit my lack of faith in men. *LOL*

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