Friday, July 10, 2009

before I leave the office...

On Mathematics and Science.
When I read the newspaper article the other day, I couldn’t help myself but to roll my eyes and sigh. Personally I feel they should continue with the English Language for both subjects because change takes time. I am not sure how long ago the English medium for Maths and Science direction was implemented but people; Rome wasn’t built in a day. Instead of quitting, the government should have looked for ways to rectify the problem. If we keep taking one step behind, we will not go anywhere and we can all kiss the V2020 and every other visions we have goodbye.

People are so afraid of changes and hard work.

On a different thing, it’s funny how a simple question was butchered and exaggerated into a complain. I shook my head in disbelief and said “and this is how you start a war people”. You’d think anybody care? *rolls eyes*

11 more hours before my flight to Sarawak. *woohoo* The first thing we’ll do is to look for breakfast. *LOL* Any good place we can go? Someone promise me a Top 5 Best Place To Eat In Kuching List tonight. I shall wait patiently.

Have a great weekend people.
I know I will.

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carolchs said...

i tried to look out for you at rwmf...but i guess, the place was just too packed with ppl all over.
besides, i was only attending rwmf for one day. must make it a note to attend the whole 3 days event next time.