Thursday, July 02, 2009

July already?

I should change my name to AngeLazyBug. I am so freakin’ lazy it’s difficult to concentrate on work and other things. My mind is fixed on my trips and the “If Only”s which involves a lot of imaginary RMs. *sighs*

Not only my laziness is taking over but my temper and impatience seem to be on a roll too. Too bad my “Clara is nice” is still in charge or there’ll be a lot of arse kicking, b***h slapping and Ultraman-ing. *watchaa*

Anyways, I decided I need a change. Half of the year has already gone and so far it has been all good despite the headaches. For a while I was certain things will improve, but I am still stuck at my 3’x3’ space wondering why the Universe is messing with my head. Sad but true story people.

So I did what I always do when I am in need of “fresh air” and it never failed me. Not yet anyway.
I chopped 6 inches off my waist length hair and my head feels so much lighter. Betul ni.

In fact I feel better compared the last few weeks. I am easily pleased kan?

I am missing Christmas already? Macam tu?

9 more days to Kuching!

17 more days to KL!

19 more days to Bali!


*does happy dance*


carolchs said...

See you if i see you in Kuching!
RMWF right?

angelicbug said...

RMWF definitely! See u there Carol!