Friday, July 03, 2009


For some weird reason, I am extra thirsty today.
It’s only 3.12pm but I’ve already drank 2.5 litters of water and my throat is still dry.


I’m waiting for the weekend to come so I could sleep and sleep and sleep. Those days I have trouble sleeping, now I cannot stay awake past 11.00pm but I am still tired, sleepy with panda eyes even after 6 hours of sleep. *sighs*

Maybe it’s the meds kan? I am prescribed muscle relaxant which makes me sleepy. I understand why sleepy, what I don’t understand is why I am given sleepy meds when the doctor knows I need to work. He is after all the company’s panel doctor.

I’m crossing my fingers for an optimistic blood test result.

I was pleasantly surprised to read about the soon to be launched “baby hatch” in Malaysia, managed by OrphanCare, a non-governmental organization based in PJ. I know and understand the mixed reaction with this “baby hatch”, my mother still do not think it’s a good idea, but I think at this point, we do need one not only in PJ but in other part of the country as well.

“A police statistics last year found that in every 10 days a baby was abandoned in the Klang Valley and about 100 babies were abandoned every year in Malaysia.”

With that alarming number of abandoned babies, some people are still worried the hatch will only encourage pre-marital sex. I say save those babies now. That pre-marital sex well, you know you cannot stop them from that but you could teach them about responsibility.

“The main motive of this system is to protect babies from unnecessary death and child abuse and also to reduce the number of children growing up in homes by giving them up for adoption to proper deserving families.”

I am not saying this is the solution or it is a problem-free effort because let’s face it, everything is abused and misused. However, I applaud the government for trying to do something to put a stop this horrific baby abandonment problem.

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