Wednesday, January 13, 2010

carrot head

Ekiel cried in school yesterday and today.
Last year it took Ekiel 2 days to not cry while in school but my mom said, it took my youngest brother one week! *freaks out* Let’s hope there’s no more drama tomorrow.

I am so restless. I have been having weird dreams night after night and that pretty much screw up my sleep. Someone asked me what’s with the sleeping problem. If I knew, don’t you think I would fix it? Seriously. *rolls eyes*

Boys Over Flowers on 8TV, Monday to Friday at 8.30pm.
I am addicted and love/hate that show. I have always tried to avoid dramas such as these because my need to know how the story ends will haunt me. Never did I imagine [the guy whom my sisters refer to as] the carrot head would rock my world and made me to watch the entire series in youtube. *tsk tsk tsk* Shame on him.

Let’s not talk about the orangey hair, the super pale complexion, the horrific getup, the pretty face and the “I am a musician therefore I am living in my own world” persona. It is not a good thing because standing next to him will definitely make me look like his nanny, or something else

BUT the fact that he, could read the “between the lines”, does the unpredictable “little [sweet] things” and always is the knight in shining armor, makes him [almost] perfect.

Batu pun boleh cair

However, we all know men like this are rare if not extinct. *sighs*

Though his love was unrequited, because in my opinion the writer is sick in the head, he is forever there for the girl through the good and bad, as a friend, knowing he will never have her. I could not think of a man, a sane man, who would do just that. Can you?

I think the writer is insane because the storyline is so twisted there are times when I thought I’ll get a heart attack.

However, while watching the movie, all I could think of was, “OMG, all he does all day is to please the girl. Doesn’t he have other things to do?” I mean, some people have to go and save the world and they would never have the time to appear every time I am feeling down. Kan? *

Dramas like these should come with a warning for it is not good for the [weak] heart. *cough cough*

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