Thursday, January 28, 2010


It’s only Thursday and I am already exhausted. Why do problems come in a bundle? Before you could settle one problem, another problem comes pokes me in the eye wanting attention. WTH?

The energetic Ekiel was all weak and very the manja when he started having fever Saturday. By Tuesday morning, his fever subsided so I made him go to school. I noticed spots on his hand but my mom think it was just one of his bruises. By afternoon, I got a called from my worried mom saying the spots multiplied and she suspected it is the HFMD.

How does one react to that statement? The only thing I know about HFMD is that it is contagious but hearing my mom’s anxious voice, I got really nervous and I immediately rushed home to bring him to the hospital.

As we enter the hospital, a nurse stopped us at the entrance to get body temperatures. She used the ear thermometer thingy and told me, Ekiel has a fever. *rolls eyes* Like duh, we would not be in the hospital if none of us were sick kan?

We were sent to the children’s ward and a young lady doctor attended to us. She checked Ekiel’s temperature, heartbeat, mouth and suddenly, she started smiling and stuttering. I got confused when she pointed to a poster pinned on the wall. It was the HFMD poster. Apparently, Ekiel is her first HFMD case.

She assured me that the disease is common especially for children under 5. There is no specific medication and all I can do it make sure his fever is under controlled. Plus makes sure he drinks a lot of water! She prescribed Paracetamol, Bonjela and salt water (for diarrhea). She said Ekiel must be quarantined for a week and Ekiel did his happy dance when he found out he gets to skip school.

He no longer has fever and his appetite improved. The spots still multiply but he never complained of any pain. Not even about the big ulcers in his mouth. However, he is extra manja like a cat and clings to me like a baby orang utan. He is definitely taking advantage on his situation kan?

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