Thursday, January 21, 2010

a short one

Ekiel is still being DIFFICULT about going to school. Every day is a challenge to wake him up, get him prepared and the leave him in his class. I asked him many times why he dislikes he school, all he answered, “School is hard” and “I miss my home”. *sighs*

And honestly, all that mornings amongst other things are wearing me down. If only you could see my Lala Land, you’d be worry too.

Macam ada Ultraman and raksasa bergaduh ni.

Let me introduce the new Lim families. Bezzel and Chuzzle. All they do is drive each other crazy, bite everything they see, leave their mess everywhere for Ekiel to step on. They’re stinky too despite the constant bath. *Ughh*

I don’t like pets, but I guess they’re okay larr.



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eSKay said...

whitey so cute.. alaaa..