Monday, September 20, 2010

Malaysia Day

As a Malaysian, I am happy that we, the country, finally recognize the day Malaysia was formed. I even watched the ceremony on television but sadly, I could have use those 2 hours for better things. Why I continue to watch after the first 10 minutes is still a mystery to me too.

The award presentation was… chaotic. Whether it was caused from lack of rehearsal or a miscommunication, it was definitely unnecessary especially when it is live on TV. Walaupun TV1. One thing I have learned throughout the years is that the show must go on, regardless. They should have just got on with the show instead of making those ‘old uncle’ and everyone wait. Judging from what I see, they got the names mixed up. Sudah larr macam tu, the award recipients were ushered all over the stage. Kesian them.

And I heard they had four days of rehearsals.

The performance was mind blowing and not in a good way. I was cringing throughout the entire performance especially the one by the “popular” artist. Why oh why? The whole performance doesn’t really say anything about Malaysia as a nation or anything about the very much debated 1Malaysia.

Well, no point criticizing the spilled milk.

But I must ask why we, a nation that brags about development, innovation and everything else, we always performs so-so if not badly during our special celebrations?

I remember a performance for an event I don’t remember at the newly built stadium. The badly choreographed performance was terrible but the flower, a lotus maybe, was the worst. I thought a princess or something will come out but to my amusement, the national car was revealed.


I am sure a lot of money is used to organize a big celebration such as this.
Do the expenses justify the school-like performances?

Instead of wasting the tax-payer money, use it for something better like fixing the roads to Simpang Mengayau. Seriously, gravel roads to one of our best tourist attractions is such an embarrassment. Even the roads to my kampung is better! Or something more basic like street lights! I was shocked to see how badly lit are our roads even the one with high traffics! Gila eh.

That’s our problem kan?
We are so busy trying to prove ourselves that we forget about the smaller things that helped us to be great in the first place.

Vietnam entry is in hibernation mode.
As expected kan? I am busy trying not lose my head.

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