Sunday, September 26, 2010


The weather has gone mad. Again.
And the heat is messing with my head.
Yes, it is that time of the year where I have to buckle myself tight in that tiny rollercoaster seat.

Oh well.
Que sera, sera.

I finally finished reading the Eat, Pray, Love book.
Remember when I say, we (the writer and I) have something in common?
Well, we do.

My guardian angels.
That’s what I call them.
Those little voices in my head.
There were many occasions where I was ‘saved’ by those voices.

Like when those voices told me to go home instead of joining my friends for our usual ‘outing’.
One of my friends got thrown out of the car when their car skidded and landed on the opposite side of the road.

True story.

I also met Ketut Liyer while I was in Bali.
Unfortunately no life changing experience for me.
According to him, I will marry when I am 32.5 years of age.
Yeah. Right.

Will blog about that visit one of these days.
Or have I already blog about it?
Hee. Tidak ingat larr.

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