Saturday, October 02, 2010

men talk

Just because I don’t understand the language, it is not cool to talk about me (in your language) to my face. Yes, even if it is a compliment.

Though this happens plenty of times, I find it very awkward.

Remember the, I look like ‘Rain’?

The Koreans do this often. We are hosting a group of media from Korea this weekend and I am assigned to them. During dinner, the lady who sat in front and next to me complimented my *ahem* features. They politely translated the conversation but somewhere in between the subtitle stopped. So, while they ‘discuss’ about me, I would do my, ‘OMG, I do not want to be here, but since I must, I’ll just smile myself silly’ look.

But we found out we have something in common; we are all single ladies in our thirties, forties and fifties.

Somehow the conversation ended up with me sharing my views about men and relationship. We all agree that there are not enough of men out there for everybody so I can forget about travelling to the end of the earth to find Mr Almost Perfect.

The eldest lady then asked me a very simple but important question.
“What kind of men do you need?”
I was taken aback. People would usually ask me the kind of men I like. But the type that I need, that was a first. And I do not have a prepared speech for that question.

Do I need a man?

I unconsciously told her, I need a man who’ll always strive to be better.

She said understood what I meant and told me I will find him soon.
*fingers crossed*

Ps: She asked if I am the eldest in the family. When I told her yes, she said it was very obvious.

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vsk said...

hmmm i find her weird w evil eyes + a blur face...

hihihi u know me.... hug