Monday, January 07, 2013

Rubber Industry

I am usually not one to be dumbfounded when asked or shared weird questions or statements. I would usually “punch” back with sarcasm or humour. But that day, that day was one of those days where I was truly taken aback. Not only I did not anticipated the question, but I was very much uncertain on how to handle the matter *ahem* professionally in front of my colleagues.

It was a luncheon with two Korean men who were at work for site inspection. One of the guys Mr P was more outspoken and comical while the other, Mr L was more reserved. I am not sure what sort of impressions they have on us local, but judging from the conversation, they were very comfortable to talk and show “personal” things.

Mental, but whatever.

However, when I was busy promoting our local products, Mr P asked me about the rubber industry which I replied that rubber is one the nation’s biggest income. [I must admit I do not know this for a fact]. Then he asked me if Malaysian rubber is good. I of course replied, yes, we produce the best rubber. [Again, zero for my general knowledge but ten points for patriotism?].

He then asked me, “The latex? Is it good?

I thought I misheard him because of his slang.

”What is?” I asked.

“The latex? Is it good? Have you tried them?” he asked.

Everyone at the table kept quiet and looked at me.

Had any of my guy friends asked me that question, I would knock their head silly and replied with absurd questions like, “Why? Have you not tried one before?” But under this circumstance, I really didn’t know what to say.

So I politely nod my head and drink my Chinese Iced Tea for cover. I don’t even know why I nodded my head but it seems to be my current “defence mechanism” when want to avoid awkward situation (T.T) And to think I’ll be 35 this year. *sighs*

Was it cultural differences or Mr P was just a very straightforward man? I’ll just remember not to talk about the rubber industry anymore.

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carolchs said...

i think he's just being in his comical sense bah tu. what more when the topic was on rubber. but yeah, that was awkward alright. i too had an experience talking about rubber that turned to be a debate about who's rubber's the best by comparing condom. and yes, the subject was brought up by my male counterparts.