Friday, January 04, 2013

so far...

I commented about the mushy NY resolutions I read on my FB wall.
I have nothing against resolutions except for the fact that I never actually achieve any of them and thus am never bothered to make a list anymore.
Well the mushy stuff makes me gag, but knowing more than half of those statuses are bullshit makes me want to vomit blood.
But hey, if it makes them happy then I’ll just roll my eyes silently.

It is only the fourth and already my 2013 gone cuckoo.

My mobile decided to go into a coma.

Yesterday, I was in the toilet at work when I heard someone came in and did her business no 2. I was washing my hands when I heard her mumbling and suddenly, her door was opened. I freaked out when I saw an elderly Korean lady with her pants down sitting at the toilet bowl through the mirror. She just smiled and spoke to me in Korea.

If life was a movie, there will be a subtitle bubble above her head which says, “I am sorry. I was doing my business and I just realized there is no tissue paper in this stall. Can you get me some?”

Anyway, I do not need to know Korean to understand her. But for some reason, I keep bowing to her apologetically and handed her the tissue. I think I was more embarrassed than her.

Oh 2013. What are you doing?

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