Thursday, January 10, 2013

technology detox

After more than a week my mobile went immobile, I am beginning to think that I am insignificant after all. No one attempted to contact me via other channel of communication to see whether I am alive, or if I am okay or if I have eloped to a foreign country somewhere.

Sure, my family and colleagues see me every day.
But what about the rest?
Don’t they miss me?
Don’t they like me?

Maybe they know I am capable of taking care of myself.
Or maybe, because I am not the type to “keep in touch” so this “disappearance” is normal for them.

Oh well.
Maybe I should delete some of the phone numbers I have in my phone book anyway. Pretty sure at least 1/4 of those numbers are invalid by now. (^_^;)
Why do I keep those numbers I never called after all this year is beyond me as well.
Emergency purposes? (^o^)

The first few days were tough.
It felt like I lost a friend.
Someone who’ll entertain me when I am bored.
Someone whom I can turn to when I have questions.
It’s lame and even Ekiel notices it.
“Mommy, you look miserable without your HP”.

Now, I still feel miserable.
Ekiel is annoyed as I would call out for him every few minute to entertain me. (^__^)

I need to find a new hobby said the boy who whines about boredom (no Ipad as my brother is out of town) and ended up laying on the floor singing to himself while patting his tummy last night.

I think we need to detox ourselves.


carolchs said...

i used to be okay without my cell phone until i bought myself a smartphone. that thing is like everything to me. i dont even bother sending it to workshop (all good except the voice mic) for fear of having to be phone-less for a long time.

angelicbug said...

It's bad isn't it? And here I am commenting about kids and their games, etc. Hehehe.