Friday, March 16, 2007

Another delayed entry.
The past few days were a blur.
I am sure I still have other gazillion things to do.
Don’t I always?

My last weekend was supposedly great but honestly it didn’t feel like it. I went to the island with my son and some friends. The weather was almost perfect, almost because personally I think it was a little too hot but everyone else loved it.

While the rest went swimming and sun tanning, my son learned the art of sand kicking. He refused to get into the water and prefers to kick sand or play ball. Most time I had to make sure he doesn’t eat sand but after that one time when he accidentally got sand in his mouth, he knows sand is friend and not food.

He was a little too attached during the trip. Yes he have never met any of them, but after a couple of hours, I feel he should at least warm up to some of them who tried and tried to get his attention. He gets upset if I talk to other people. He will demand I take his picture every time he sees me pointing my camera someone else. Hee.

My Ekiel frowns like an old man.

Everyone had fun. My son had fun.

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