Saturday, March 10, 2007

dancing angels

Every time I watch a musical or any movies that has people singing or dancing in it, I get all warm and tingly inside. I cannot explain this crazy obsession of mine though I suspect my long forgotten dream of becoming a superstar is not completely forgotten. I was seven. My friend wanted to become the queen.

"William: You're just a silly girl arn't you. Jocelyn: Better a silly girl with a flower, than a silly man with a horse and a stick... [walks away] Wat: It's called a lance... hello... "– A Knight’s Tale

I watched A Knight’s Tale the other night (Heath Ledger is so yummy!) and I just LOVE the medieval dance number and David Bowie’s Golden Years. It’s SO going to be in my wedding song list. Heh? At the beginning of the song/dance, there was this bit where you can hear "An... gel..." In my head I can see a group of angels sleeping and at that very moment, they would wake up, some disorientated, some stretching, some giggling and one by one all the angels would start dancing happily and freely. I wish I could dance like them, beautiful and without a care in the world.

Thank goodness it’s the weekend.
Have a good one.

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