Saturday, March 03, 2007

peer pressurable

Peer pressure.
I SHOULD be too old for this.

I always go on and on about how the younger generations always gives in to peer pressure and them not being their own individual. Yes, I do realize that there is no age limit to this trouble. Admitting to that is like admitting that I have that problem too. But I don’t. Because. I am too rational and matured to be peer-pressured, right? Right?

The question of the day is this.
Is everyone really who/what they say they are or is everyone pretend to be something they’re not just so they can fit in?

Peer pressure is a nasty business. Yes, we SHOULD stand firm on what we believe in but it’s a big and scary world out there, surely you don’t want to face it all alone. Though most time we try to be level headed and make the right decision, it is never easy especially when the temptation is something harmless, or so we think.

Social acceptance was/is like the key to happiness. People refuse to accept it but this is true. To belong in any group of people, is that not social acceptance? Maybe I’m confused but I am sure I have a point there, somewhere.

I didn’t think peer pressure would be such a big deal to people my age. I was pretty sure our confidence and maturity would help us to reason our need to fit in and find ways to cope with it. That’s not the case is it? I champion common sense. But when common sense fails me, I do try to come up with an excuse. An acceptable excuse, not a super lame one.

Me: You don’t smoke so why are you smoking now?
X: I figured that since everyone is doing it I might as well do it. Besides, I don’t get anything by being a nice girl.

Seriously? I thought only sixteen-year old would come up with something like that.

I think the saddest bit was I didn’t know how to respond to that statement so I mumbled "Second hand smokers are more prone to cancer". Yes, I need someone to kick me in the arse. BUT She was going through a bad phase in life so I do try to be nice.

I wonder if I sometimes handle circumstances like her. Do I do things because everyone else was doing it? I suppose I do. I am no party pooper but it’s common for me to find myself dragging my big arse to some event/outing that I rather not go or involved in things I rather not do. Involved as in being there with the Inconsiderates wishing I could just disappear. In fact I remembered the short time I was alienated because I spoke my mind a little too loud to someone who is plain mean. She came to me complaining about our friends behaving a little too wildly in public, so I too voiced out my concerns. She later went to those friends, bitching that I am judgmental and bitchy. But hey, I stayed the whole time when they make a fool out of themselves and me, and I made sure everyone got home safely. Not a friend? ANYWAY, I learned to keep my mouth shut.

Although most time I managed to resist temptations from doing things I disapprove, there are times I just give in. Like I said, I am no party pooper. Though it doesn’t mean I am going jump off a bridge just because my friends are doing it. No sir. The craziest thing I did involves only hangovers.

I am sure despite the pressure to be perfect for everyone else, all the time, we can still just be ourselves. Though sometimes I am confused, I mean since when am I a princess of some exotic island who was kidnapped and later abandoned at this part of the world? - Hee, I learned that after some time, people who truly care for us would accept us just the way we are. With my mom, it took me years and she still knows very little about me. Life should be that way. Different people, different parts of me.

At the end of the day, life is about making choices. I just wish people who made their choices would stop blaming other people when they f*** up. Seriously. I don’t.

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