Saturday, July 21, 2007

Crazy July

July sucks.
The saddest thing is it’s only the 21st.
The month feels too long.

My camera’s spare battery is now at the bottom of the sea. No joke.
Then my camera magically disappeared. *bangs head on wall*
The other day I lost my nametag while doing a charity project and I had to fork out RM20 to replace it. Bloody hell.

Work still sucks.
Politics still gives me a headache.
I thought my previous working place was bad, but this is just madness.
I refused to get involved, but people are just throwing my name like nobody’s business behind my back.
Of course, no one wants to admit it larr.

It sure feels someone/something is determined to make my life hell.
Oh well.
The world ain’t gonna stop and listen to me whining about my problem.

I can’t wait for my holiday, 14 more days to go. *woohoo*
I will pig out and laze like a dugong on a deserted beach.
I need a break and I deserve it.

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