Friday, July 27, 2007


Chocolate milk.
I’ve never really fancied them but these days I am addicted.
Like two times a week kind of addiction.
That is nothing compared to someone who could finish a large chocolate bar within an hour.
I know.
But I’ve never really fancy chocolate.

People say chocolate is better than certain things but I have to disagree.
I mean, sure they’re tasty but that’s that.
They’re just cocoa, people not happy pills.

To that someone who licks the chocolate wrapper because it is a sin not to, shame on you. *tsk tsk tsk*

The only way I like my chocolate is with lots of cashew nuts!
Almond... not so bad but I still prefer my cashew. And pistachio.

You know what I am craving for at this very moment, corns.

Life is still good.
But it will better if I hit the RM6 million jackpot.
The things I could do with all the money.

When I hit the jackpot (note the optimism), the first thing I would do is weep with joy.
Then the necessary thing to claim the money and make sure it is safely in the bank.
(No, I am not going to swim with the money. Imagine the paper cuts!)
Pay my bills and arrange a nice vacation for my family & close friends.
Yes, close friends who went through my downs with me.
Buy a house. Open college funds.
Then life goes back to normal.

(It just occurred to me that I might have already written something about this so please forgive my temporary amnesia).

Is it strange that I won’t quit my job?
I don’t know.
I have this love hate relationship with my job.
Though most time I am very indifferent about it, there are days when I want to just walk out from the office. Of course there are days when I do not want to go home or looking forward to go to work. Although the latter have very much to do with people/events/functions, but hey it is still a very good feeling.

Today, I dread the work (especially the last minute ones) but I look forward to see and chat to some people from work. I am also very happy to finally settle almost all tasks that made my life miserable for the past weeks.

So today is a good day unless someone ruins it later. It’s only 12.40pm. Plenty of time to give me grief.

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