Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June go away

People tell me June is not a good month, I just shrugged it off thinking it is just one of those unfortunate coincidences. I love June. There is just something romantic about it. I always wanted a June *ahem* wedding. My mom’s birthday is in June. Father’s Day is also in June. What is there not to like about June?

Somehow, my “June is a very good month” bubble has burst since I don’t know when, and it feels shitty. The funniest thing is, I could not figure out what was wrong. And it is tiring. Very very tiring.

I walked around like a zombie giving appropriate responses when needed. My body aches. My hormones are all over the place. My mind refuses to think. It’s not a pretty picture.


I wish this phase would go away already. With the Rainforest World Music Festival, 9th Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Charity Run and my KL/Bali trip next month, I would need all the energy and enthusiasm I can get. Can I get all that from an energy bar/drink?

Ekiel got his report card the other day and I was a little disappointed to see the very average grading on that piece of paper. *tsk tsk tsk* I know I do not want to sound like my mother when it comes to academics but he got a C for singing. How he got that I do not understand.

That boy could sing Linkin Park songs but he got a C singing nursery rhymes?

When I saw he got “Needs to be improved” under punctuality and grooming, I just rolled my eyes. Okay, the grooming bit was my mistake because I do not like Ekiel with short hair. But the punctuality bit, I just gave my siblings the evil eye look. He starts schools at 8am and we only leave the house 8.05am and go around town and by the time Ekiel got to school it is already after 8.20am. I do not understand why they cannot wake up earlier when they sleep WAY early than me and sometimes Ekiel.

The next day, I took Ekiel to get his hair cut and my aunt offered to send Ekiel to school so that kinda settles it.

Me: Ekiel, why all Cs and Bs? How come there’s not a single A? What you do in school? You study or you play only?
Ekiel: Next time I get A larr bah.
Me: You need to try harder. Understand?
Ekiel: …..
Me: Ekiel? Ekiel? Ekiel!
Ekiel: Mummy, next time I be winner.
Me: Suka hati kau larr

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msLabadin said...

so sweet!!! on Ekiel ahh not you wishing June to go away!

We all also like that one Lala esp. my hubby on son's report card... sometimes we have to remind ourselves that he's only 4 tis year.