Thursday, January 07, 2010

crying monkey

If your mom called you in the morning screaming, “Kau tau apa anak kau buat?” it is not a good thing.

My son was more excited about his new school stuffs than going back to school. The morning of his first day, I had little trouble waking him up. He was calm when he arrived in his classroom and went straight to play the toys on the floor.

Knowing he’s okay, I called out to him to let him know that I am going to work. He nodded. So I asked for a goodbye kiss and he only gave me a raised eyebrow. *raises eyebrow*

This morning, I spent 30 minutes persuading, negotiating and threatening and another 10 minutes to look for his school bag. When he left with my parents, I thought he would be okay like the day before.

Not long after, I got that call from my mom.

According to my mom, he was fine when she left him in class. As she walked out from the school compound back to the car, she heard and wondered which monkey was screaming and crying like a mad boy when she heard, “MaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”.

Yes people, it was my monkey, Ekiel.

Apparently, Ekiel managed to sneak out from the classroom and ran for my mom. Luckily a teacher saw him and managed to catch up. The three of them went back to Ekiel’s class and Ekiel did not want to let my mom go. Finally the teacher pulled him away, hold him tight and lock the classroom door.


The funniest thing was, no one in the whole school, including the play group kids, cried. Not even on the first day yesterday or today for that matter. Dia jugalah superstar ni hari.

Dear Ekiel,
“Habis larr kau”. This day would be remembered and talked about for many many many years to come.



eSKay said...

hahhaha.. kesiannya..

si ashton for 2 days in a row.. nangis sampai ampai2.. haiiii.. kasian dorang kanak2 ni..

carolchs said...

duii bah...there's one Year One girl in my school also like that. tida lah smpai teriak2 but she kept running after her mother whenever the mother tried to leave her in the classroom. the mother had to call her husband for help lagi tu. by thursday, she ok already but she has to be consoled most of the time by teachers...and she sat at the teacher's desk. LOL!