Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Primary three pupils were caught imitating intimate acts in the classroom.

The girl was sent for check up and the doctor found an old tear in her vagina.

This was in the newspaper this morning.

You still think sex education in school is bad?


carolchs said...

my guess is, those kids must have had early exposure to 'sexual education', probably from home or outside the school. Kids that age, the only way they are able to think and do such 'adult' act is by way of imitating what the elders do.

Having a sexual education subject with carefully written syllabus in school is good. But bad influences from outside is what we fret most as we cannot stop them from being curious.

angelicbug said...

that is true. sometimes no matter how hard the parents try shield their children from all the negative influences, we cannot stop our children from mixing with others. friends can be the biggest influence sometimes.i know, because i learned about the birds and the bees from them. :)

at the end of the day, i guess it is about the child's own common sense and values.

vsk said...

seriously? hmm.... bikin takut juga kan..