Tuesday, November 30, 2010

brother sister

While I was busy painting cabinets last Sunday, Ekiel came to the room in tears. And not the loud sobbing, mind you. These are really sad tears and when I see sad tears, I’ll worry.

Me: What’s wrong with you?
Ekiel: I am sad
Me: Why?
Ekiel: Because nobody wants to play with me
Me: Play with Tam la
Ekiel: He’s a guy, not a kid. He doesn’t want to play with me
Me: Then how?
Ekiel: I am SO sad. Everyone have brother and sister. I don’t
Me: *chuckles* Of course larr. You are the only child
Ekiel: Not syiok only child. I want brother and sister
Me: Heh? *ignores Ekiel continous blabbing*

Ekiel: Mommy, I want brother and sister
Me: *sighs* Bah, after I go supermarket buy okay
Ekiel: Mommy, you tipu only. Where got sell in the supermarket
Me: Ada that. You only don’t know where
Ekiel: Mommy bah.. I am so sad, I have no brother sister. My friends all got brother and sister
Me: Then, where I want to get brother and sister
Ekiel: Your stomach can fit that one brother and one sister
Me: *LOL* What you say?
Ekiel: *tear tear*
Me: You pray larr for a brother and sister. I also cannot help you with this one
Ekiel: *tear tear*


Cherish Tulips said...

Ekiel is so cute..bah,this is a tough request...maybe get a puppy to pacify him?

Anonymous said...

Gracias por la gran información! Yo no habría descubierto esto de otra manera!