Friday, April 08, 2011

bleeding for a good cause

I understand the anxiety of donating blood. I was nervous as hell during my first time too but to know that I may save someone's live, changes my fear to pride. And yes, the plastic bag of cookies and drinks are nice too. *winks*

If some of you wonder what happens during the blood donation, here's some pictorial for you.

First, they check your iron level with a cutter thingy. If your iron level is okay, then you proceed to the next step.

They will check your blood pressure to make you're fit for the blood donation. They also will ask you a set of questions based on the questionnaire which you have to fill out.

If everything is okay, go find an empty bed or chair and get comfy while you wait for one of the nurses to get the stuff ready. Yes, many will feel their pulse racing at this point. I sometimes still feel nervous too.

Once they inserted the needles, you just enjoy your time and watch the other blood donor's antic. Like the donor next to me, his friend who were not fit to donate, took the nurse's scale and weight the donor's bag of blood to the amusement of the nurses.

The blood flows into the bag and may take up to 10 - 20 minutes depending to your veins as per the nurse. Mine was pretty quick.

If you have no shame like me, take some photos!

And ta-da. Here you go. Fresh bag of blood. It was warm too!

I took a video when the needle were inserted to my vein. Trust me, it's not that bad but may not be suitable for viewing by some people. I so do not want to be responsible for a heart attack and what not.

Not that bad kan?

It's sad to receive emails or SMS asking for blood donations because the blood bank ran out of stock. With millions of people in KK alone, how can a hospital bank ran out of blood?

So come one, do your bit. If you need someone to hold your hand, give me a call. I would gladly do it.

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carolchs said...

i am just not qualified to donate due to my weight. kesian kan.

well done clara!