Saturday, November 10, 2007

best trainer? not!

My mom can tell you how bad I was in my studies. My whole high school years were a nightmare with the constant nagging about my grades. “If you don’t study, you will become a maid (no offense to anyone) and no one wants to hire you because you’re a pig” One teacher even told my dad that I would not pass the public examination. *rolls eyes* Thank goodness I did and that little achievement assured my parents I will not fall flat on my face.

I left college about seven years ago. In college I excelled and survived certain subjects. I am no good with scientific or arithmetical subjects. It’s a mystery how I could do addition, multiplication, division and subtraction without a calculator.

The whole paper or work qualification debate is very subjective if you ask me. But personally, paper qualification is somewhat an achievement, sadly not only to me but to my family as well. Therefore, when the opportunity arises, I took the challenge without any hesitation.

My first class is the English class. I love English classes but I swear this English class is the most boring English class I’ve ever attended. The trainer is an old woman whom I salute for her knowledge but her teaching skills… *tsk tsk tsk* I have never met a teacher/lecturer/trainer who loves talking about him/herself that much.

“I am SO generous with my knowledge. I taught you the actual meaning of bungalow and you could use that against your superior one day”

“I’ve traveled around the world and people tell me my English is so perfect and even better than the English”

“I am such a good teacher, I have students who called me and told me I am the best teacher they ever had”


This is a trainer who didn't explained to us the basic in English nor did she answered questions that was given to her. She also dismissed our review/comment on her book. She wrote a book about Sabah and I suppose like every writer, she is very proud of it. She stupidly asked us to do a book review on her book and assured us she is open to criticism and comments. Of course, everyone was more than willing to criticize her book senselessly.

A few of us agreed that we should compliment the book a little so the trainer would not run out of the room crying. The first speaker who commented negatively on the book got a shocking respond from the trainer.

“All of you are not a professional book reviewer, so you don’t know what you are talking about”

Bloody hell. Then why ask what we think of the book because she sure didn’t correct our grammar and all. She was just fishing for compliments. Every time someone said something nice about her book, she’ll be smiling all so proudly. *vomits blood*

“I didn’t want to be so forward by putting a portrait of me in the book, so I used a picture that shows my whole body so they couldn’t really see my face”

Well, if she really wanted to keep a low profile, she didn’t have to put a picture of herself at all. The picture she used was even more vain, with her showing off her legs while holding an umbrella under the hot sun.

Sure, I did learn a thing or two in her class but I feel she could have taught us much more. After all, we have to finish the class in ten lessons. The HR dept also felt that she wasn’t teaching us the necessary and did an evaluation about the trainer and her class. With unanimous result, the HR trainer spoke to the English trainer and got the shocked of her life.

Apparently the trainer disagreed with us, the students and accused the company placing spies in the class to make her life miserable. She accused us being rude and nasty to her. She also said we were ungrateful and the worst bunch of students she ever had. How crazy is that? She claimed she taught us the necessary but we misunderstood her.

“Ms XX, what is noun?”
“I just taught you what noun is. You should know all these. It's basic English”
(There is a reason why she was hired to teach us Basic English, duh!)

She also claimed that we purposely brought dictionaries to the class to prove that she is wrong and a terrible English trainer. But the other day, she praised those who took the initiative to buy dictionaries and books to improve themselves. Don't tell me she is not mental.

I daresay she was lucky to have us because if she had the first batch of students, she would not only vomit blood but she would probably jump into the ocean, which happens to be her favorite place in the whole world.

Every day I am reminded the importance of sanity and common sense.


msLabadin said...

hahahaha... so sadist + boastful+ vain juga the trainer that... apa juga buku yg dia tulis ni? cuba dulu sia baca...

tsmanta said...

Gawd...she IS totally mental! Who actually sez her english is better than the English?? I bet those ppl that suck in English told her that.

angelicbug said...

apparently her book is not selling very well. it costs RM130 per book but the book looks so "textbook" ni, but she insisted that the CM already booked 100 copies from her and all the libraries in the state also bought the book from her. *LOL*

I cannot remember the tittle but I know it's a green book, with a pic of the waterfront, a tree and a chair on the cover. when I remember, I will tell you guys.

She said the Americans and the English told her so.

wacko kan?

Anonymous said...

bikin ketawa and gerigitan oh tu lady....i hope i will not turn to be like her...manalah tau as i serve longer as a teacher, pandai pula lupa diri...perasan pandai nie...iskh..iskh...

Anonymous said...

bikin ketawa and gerigitan oh tu lady....i hope i will not turn to be like her...manalah tau as i serve longer as a teacher, pandai pula lupa diri...perasan pandai nie...iskh..iskh...

angelicbug said...

no larr Carol, I am sure you are nothing like her.

Her book is Treasures & Pleasures of Sabah. Letme know what you think.

Anonymous said...

Oh my.. I almost fell out of my chair when I read this.

I am an American who has been corresponding with this woman for week, or so. She told me about her book, so I searched for it on Google. Several universities in the U.S. have it. It was during this search that I found this blog. Your comments are hysterical! I have detected some of these same behaviors you mentioned. Thank you for saving me so much trouble!!!