Thursday, November 15, 2007

twelve days to holiday

I am already counting my next holiday which is exactly in twelve more days!!! *woohoo* I wish I didn’t have to cut my holiday short, but I guess it’s better than nothing. Right?

The reason why I am super excited about this holiday is because this is officially my family’s first holiday. I know it’s hard to believe but I swear this is the truth. When we were younger, vacation was a luxury we could never afford. So now, after years of working, we finally decide it was about time to have our first trip together. We are not going anywhere exciting, just KL but the destination doesn’t really matter.

We were looking for a place to stay at Cameron Highlands. Since we have a tight budget, we couldn’t go where I wanted to go - one of those tudor-styled hotels. So we settled with an apartment, which we searched online and picked based on the pictures. How fun is that? It was between two apartments (let’s call it A & B). Although Apt B has nicer looking couch, the un-mowed lawn is an eyesore, so Apt A won with its fancy ceiling lights. *yay*

Don’t you just love the Internet? Without it, we would have no idea how the apartment looks like and we can only cross our fingers and toes hoping it would turn out decent. But of course, if the pictures were photoshop-ed then we could end up with something scary. Ooh… the adventure….


Anonymous said...

happy holiday to u Lala...i'm sure urs will be a fun filling one

Anonymous said...

just wana tell u ive tagged in my Tagging me Tagging you entry.

You can do it anytime u want :)

msLabadin said...

Happy Hols Lala! u deserve it.