Monday, November 12, 2007

Dr me

Have any of you watched St George Girls School’s (winner of the High School Musical 2 - dance competition) version of "What Time Is It?" video clip in the Disney Channel?

Maybe I am just over analysing the whole thing. I do that sometimes. However, I am not wrong to say those boys in that video clip are way too old for the girls no matter how "hip" and "hop" those boys dressed. I also don’t see the connection or the need for that particular scene but whatever the reason, the whole scene was just wrong.

That bit where those boys were checking the girls out wasn’t pretty. Those boys looked like they’re already in college while the girls looked like 13/14 year olds. But again, like I said, maybe it’s just me. Btw, the whole dance routine especially with the umbrella was lame.

There’s an article in the newspaper about two parents who are suing two different hospitals for negligence causing the death of their children. Before I share my personal experience, I would like to stress that I do know being a doctor/nurse is not easy. The pressure and the long hours are crazy. I do watched ER, Chicago Hope & Grey’s Anatomy. *winks* I also have few aunts who are also nurses. They have my utmost respect. But there are some doctors/nurses whom I feel should be more understanding and attentive to their patients.

I broke my leg when I was ten years old in my mom’s kampung (village). We were there for Christmas and I will tell you the details one of these days. Anyway, I was sent to the hospital because everyone was worried I’ve broken my right leg. When I got to the hospital, the doctor was out for dinner. No one could help me so I was placed in the children ward while waiting. I was in extreme pain and I remembered being so scared because a child had died in the next ward and the whole family was weeping uncontrollably. For a ten-year old, that was a nightmare.

After four hours (which felt like forever), the doctor finally came and by that time was leg was badly swollen. It was too late to do an x-ray that night, so I had to stay overnight in the hospital and I couldn’t sleep at all. The next day I had the x-ray done and the doctor told me I only fractured my leg. He put a cast to make sure it heals properly but he also cut the cast on one side and bound it tightly with bandages. He claimed that that’s the way it was done.

When I came back to KK, we went to the general hospital and my dad got a good scolding from the doctor for cutting the cast. Yeah, my dad used the butter knife to cut the cast. *rolls eyes* When explained to the doctor, he ordered another x-ray and this time the doctor said I actually broke my leg in two places and I had to recast the leg. Unfortunately, my bones have already started to heal and they cannot realign my leg to its normal position because the first cast wasn’t done properly.

And that is why I walk funny.

If the first doctor wasn’t so… careless, I wouldn’t have to live with this imperfections that somewhat dictates not only my life but the way I dressed as well. Yeah, I have to hide that imperfect leg of mine.

Another experience was when I gave birth to my son. I was already crowning when I reached the hospital. The nurses at the registration were taking forever to register me in. I told them my situation and they told me to go to the waiting room. I kept telling the nurses that I am about to deliver the baby, but they told me it’s not the time yet. They said it’s just another contraction which was normal especially for a first time mother. I then insisted one of the nurses to check and told her again, I had contractions for the past two days and my water broke before I came to the hospital. She was reluctant but went to check anyway, probably to stop me from bothering her.

When she saw the head, she panicked and immediately called the doctors to come in. Then only everyone rushed to get everything ready; my IV, the bed placement, etc but it was already too late. I pushed twice and I gave birth to Ekiel. By then Ekiel wasn’t breathing because he had meconium. If that nurse didn’t listened to me like most of them, I would not have Ekiel with me today.

True, they (the doctors/nurses) have years of experience but sometimes only the patients know what is going on with their body.

Me: I have a bad headache
Doctor: What kind of headache? Everyone tells me they have a headache but there is so many different type of headache. Which one is it?
Me: …

If I know what was wrong with me, I didn’t have to go see him right?

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