Friday, December 21, 2007

finally! an easy and convenient side income!

Let’s face it. For many of us, money will always be a necessity not a luxury. When I started working, I enjoyed spending the money I’ve earned and never think twice about the tomorrows. Of course I burst my budget every month. I did consider getting a part time job, BUT the thought of working after my unpredictable working hour sounded crazy and suicidal to me.

When I was pregnant, I was not financially ready. The hospital bills and all the baby necessities worried me but I figured with my credit cards, I didn’t have to worry. After I gave birth to my son, my whole life took a different turn. I decided it is best to go home and move back with my parents so that my mother could take of my baby when I am at work. That meant I need to give up my comfortable job and salary.

When I got home, I was out of job for five months and when I finally managed to get a job, the pay was only half the amount I used to get. But like someone said, “beggars cannot be choosy”, so I took it. My life was controlled by my financial situation and all my salary goes to paying back my debts and baby necessities.

I was really frustrated and I thought the circumstance was out of my hand. The idea of a part time job again popped in my head but with my unpredictable working hour and my already limited time with my son, I waved the idea goodbye.

I was introduced to blogging long ago but I never took it seriously until last year. Blog hopping became my morning coffee. I noticed a lot advertisements and paid blogs and I thought the blogger must be very good to be paid doing what he or she loves doing. I wish I was like them too.

Then I read in a blog somewhere about how anyone could be paid to blog. I was really excited but I was worried that my blog experience wasn’t enough to convince anyone to pay me to write anything about them. I thought hard about it and I figured I shall just give it a try because I sure could use the extra money. I was also motivated to hear from people who swore this was the easiest part time job they have ever done.

I didn’t know where to go or how to start so I log on to the net. There were many paid blogging services and I actually took the time to read each of them so I could pick one that is best for me. After thinking hard about it, I finally decided to go with PayPerPost.

Honestly, beside the fact that many bloggers are using the services (which proves that it does actually work!), that’s the only website that made sense to me. *LOL* The instructions were clear and there are many “assignments” I could choose from. At least there is something for me, at this part of the world, to write about. The process of submitting the blog and waiting for the approval was also easy. All that and seeing how other bloggers could earn so much through this service was enough to get me started and I was thrilled to know that my blog, The World According To Angelicbug, was paid worthy.

I am very happy that now with a side income, which I could do at my own preferred time; I do not have to worry so much on my budget anymore. I could now bring my son and the whole family to watch a movie or dine in my son’s favorite fast food restaurant without having a headache. As weird as that may sound to some people, I swear this is true.

I shall also start a fund for four things. Hee. I know that’s a long list but we must dream big, no? Hopefully by this time next year, I would have a 3G phone, a digital camera, a laptop and an overseas trip for my family and me. Looks like I have to write a lot of paid posts to realize all these.

So to other bloggers, what are you waiting for? Log on to payperpost and get paid doing what you love best.

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