Monday, December 24, 2007

I get to home at 3pm today! *woohoo*

Tomorrow is Christmas. *yay*
This is the first Christmas Eve where I have to work. *sighs* Today I was also informed that my leave for New Year’s Eve is cancelled. He gave his unreasonable reason but I kinda switched off the moment I hears “I need to hold your leave... blah blah blah”. Bloody hell. He clearly dislikes me for reasons only he himself knows and yet he likes to keep me in the office. I don’t understand what his problem is.

I shall not think about it because it’s Christmas. I’d rather be thinking of the food I’m going to eat today and tomorrow.

Christmas presents collection didn’t go too well this year. Oh well. As we become older, the presents and the ang pows become lesser and lesser too. So sad oh kan? No wonder adults dislike the festive season so much, besides the drinking of course.

With the year ending very soon, I am a little worried. I just don’t know how much more can I take of this mental torture before I explode. Since I am already bonded here for three more years, yes people, three more years, I have no choice but to suck it all it. I wonder if it is worth it. The feeling changes though but at this very moment, I just want to slap somebody, that particular somebody silly.

Anyhoo, Have A Blessed Christmas people.
Have Fun.
Don’t Drink & Drive.

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