Saturday, December 08, 2007

hello peeps.

I am baaaccckkk!!!
Fyi, my holiday was GREAT.

I’ve gained several KGs and got sunburned from the extreme heat which was weird because it was raining cats and dogs for days before we arrived. Despite the tightness with my clothes and the peeling skin, I really enjoyed the trip. Yes, as expected there were few… “unhappiness” but after torturing “them” mentally, I felt a lot better.

The “sekarang semua boleh terbang” airline is a pain. I reconfirmed my flight details (to ensure no surprises when I reach the airport later) that afternoon after trying to get them the whole morning. But less than an hour later, I received an SMS informing me my flight was delayed for three hours. So I called the airline and got my family and I an earlier flight. So bloody happy. Because it was an earlier flight, we rushed and hurried only to found out later that earlier flight was also delayed. Basically we left the same time we were supposed to. How silly is that? I also forgot my journal and a few of my son’s things because I had to rush from work, packed and go. *grrr*

My son enjoyed the plane ride. He learned how to buckled and unbuckled the seatbelts and he did that during the whole trip. He unbuckled himself and was going through the seat pocket thingy when the plane ride became a little shaky. He quickly climbed his seat and buckled himself. “Mummy accident” he said and stayed seated until we reached KL. Hee.

Cameron Highland although a little congested is a nice place to visit. The place isn’t as cold as the other highlands I’ve visited but they have many attractions where tourists like us could visit. We went to the butterfly farm, the rose farms and the strawberry farm where we plucked our own strawberries. Honestly, plucking our own strawberry was no fun. *rolls eyes* The farm is located on a steep hill with slippery muddy pathways. If only I knew the condition of the place, I wouldn’t drag Ekiel along. Big mistake! He ran around like that was the safest thing to do. After he slipped and I nearly got a heart attack, he refused to walk and insisted that I carry him around. It’s not easy carrying a 16kg boy who couldn’t stand/sit still for even a minute and balancing ourselves so we would not to tumble down like a mommy & baby elephant.

Ipoh is a small town much like Sandakan, this is according to my brother. It rained crazily when we got there so after we had our famous chicken rice, we headed back to KL. *rolls eyes*

Another place we visited was Melaka. We stopped by the Melaka Zoo which was quite decent. Now, for those who want to visit the zoo, do remember to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring lots of water. *winks* I nearly passed out from the heat but the thought of those animal laughing at me kept me going. My parents and one sister took the tram ride while the rest of us walked. They stopped at every cage and took pictures and I got tired of waiting under the sun so I did my speeding-through-the-zoo walk, only to stop and see interesting animals like the monkeys and the elephants. So efficient of me.

It was my third visit to Melaka and I am very convinced I have seen it all. So I just tagged along not really focusing on anything. Melaka is a charming small town with its traditional architectural buildings. I wish I could bring my family to eat authentic Baba Nyonya or Portuguese cuisine but because of my mom’s allergy we ended up eating in a very nice food court. The food was so-so but I learned from working at the Resort, that sometimes it is not about the food or the room, but it is all about the experience. *ahems*

I am so proud with myself for walking around the zoo and climbing those stairs at the St Paul’s Church. Not to forget all the walking around town/shopping complexes. *pats own shoulder* But I think I have enough walking to last me for a year. With all that working, I still didn’t lose any weight. So sad oh.

Many things happened, but I don’t remember any of them at this very moment. I do remember being very excited about blogging it though. *sighs* I’m turning 30 in two months but I might as well be 300 years old with me forgetting everything these days.

Christmas is fast approaching. *woohoo* I have done all my Christmas shopping. *wipes eyebrow with relief* Nothing fancy just something practical for everyone to use. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I love the decorations, the Christmas carols, the Christmas movies, anything Christmas. I can’t wait for it, yet I don’t want it to come so soon because before you know it, you have to put down the Christmas tree already. *sniff sniff*

Pictures to be posted soon.

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