Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I do not want to be at work

Why do some people tell you not to get involved in other people’s business and yet they dive into it head first? Their opinions and comments on the matter are crazy, I don’t know if I should start laughing or crying.

My stomach feels crappy and has been since Sunday. *sighs* My plan to stuffed myself silly and enjoy the food without worrying about fitting into my pants for work, went down the drain. And yet, I am pretty sure I have gained a few KGs because I feel like a bloody whale.

How’s your Christmas?

Mine was fairly okay. (Is it just me or did Christmas Spirit forgot to drop by this year?) My brother did get his wish to have an English Christmas. The food was yummy. I got three Christmas presents; a dictionary cum thesaurus, a name card holder and a glass box. A dictionary cum thesaurus, you ask? Well, I needed a good dictionary for my class so I asked for one. *giggles* Btw, do you have any idea how much a dictionary cost these days?

I think my son enjoyed his Christmas a lot more. I got him a (toy) car which fits him nicely but he is too heavy, he couldn’t paddle himself around. So he did what the Flinstones did, used his legs to move. *LOL* He also got five plastic sport cars, one racing car cum robot, one jet fighter cum robot, a mini goal post + ball, an MU jersey and a baby blue shirt. Guess which was his favorite? The five cars that according to my mom, he picked for himself. When my mom persuaded him to get something bigger and better, he just refused. Let’s just hope his simplicity lasts forever.

I wish I am at home instead of at work. Luckily my other sister also had to go to work today so I am not missing much. Tonight us, the siblings are going to the movies. We haven’t decided what to watch yet though. My sister suggested Alvin and the Chipmunks but from the reviews I read, I rather watch The Golden Compass. But again, reviews are very subjective. Like the movie Enchanted. Some viewers gave it a B and some gave it an A. Yes, I do enjoy that sort of musical movie but it wasn’t exactly my favorite. It’s cute but that’s that.

Another good example was the 30 Days of Night. My friend highly recommended the movie, so I went to watch it. Throughout the whole movie, I asked myself, “Why did I listen to him? Why did I listen to him?” The story wasn’t that great and the vampire thingy looks stupid, especially the female who was extra excited about everything and died because of her stupidity. If the seats weren’t so cramped, I’d do my happy dance.

This is supposed to be an entry about Christmas and yet I blog about something else.

Before I forget, I must say the Sacred Heart English Choir and friends sang beautifully during the Christmas midnight mass. For a while, Christmas felt like Christmas. I especially like the Carols Of The Bells and O Holy Night. If you’re planning to get married and looking for a choir, go get them. I would.

So, Christmas this year is a little quite. One of my brothers is not here so we don’t really plan anything because we didn’t want that brother to feel left out. A family matter (which doesn’t really involve us) also dampens the Christmas spirit. One of the brother is also acting up. *rolls eyes* I am feeling shitty not only because I don’t feel so well, but because I let other people get to me. *Blah*

Anyway, I know my Christmas is WAY better than other people so I am not going to whine about it. I should be thankful instead to be spending it with my family, in good health and lots of food. I really am.

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