Saturday, June 25, 2011

Krabi ep4

One MUST DO activity at Krabi is of course, the island trip. Even if you don’t swim, go for the one of the many available island trips. Every time I thought the view was superb, I was surprised with a more magnificent one.

Krabi is blessed indeed.

There are PLENTY of tour agents around Ao Nang but Sam, the Manager of Aloha Inn recommended the Barracudas Tour which is like 2 minutes walk from the B&B.

The ladies at the outlet were friendly and explain to us the many available packages. There were 4 Island Tour, 5 Island Tour, Sunset Tour, Phi Phi Island Tour and if that is not plenty enough, you can also choose to take the speed boat or the long tail boat.

Long tail boat eh? Sounds really exotic no?

So I decided to go for the 4 Islands on a long boat tail. We have speedboats in KK thank you very much. The whole booking took us less than 5 minutes and the nice lady even gave me us a special discount.

The next morning, we gathered at the outlet at 8am sharp and we were introduced to our guide.

I don’t remember his name now but he is very funny and speaks pretty good English.

Oh, there were plenty of good looking men waiting outside the outlet, but to mine and my sister’s disappointment, we ended up in a boat where the only two men who were “women-less” that day were *ahem* more than just friends.

Our guide, let’s call him Shell Boobs Boy, details later, ushered everyone across the street onto this small lorry. We settled down nicely only to be told, that’s not our ride. *hee*

We finally arrived at the jetty which is not a jetty if you ask me. It was the river bank and we had to cross the water to get onto our boat. And because of all the boats were parked in that area, let’s just say the water wasn’t the cleanest. But you know what; when you’re in Ao Nang, do what the Ao Nang people do. No complain. No fuss.

I jokingly pointed to my sister the sad looking boat and just our luck; it was our long tail boat. It didn’t looked like it will survive the tiniest wave, but I was assured that the boat is strong and it was made without a single nail. Great way to make me feel safe *sarcastic two thumbs up*

So we walked in the water to our boat and “haul” ourselves over board. Oh, don’t worry there was this steel staircase you could climb, but depending on the water level, it could be a little tricky to take the first step up and the last step down. I climbed like a carefree monkey and slide down the boat like a gentle Dugong.

One great tip; DON’T SIT TOO FAR BEHIND, especially next to the motor because it is loud and you don’t get the best photo angle.

I cannot remember the names of the islands because I couldn’t hear a thing what the Shell Boobs Boy said over the loud motor, and their Thai names are confusing for me. Ooh, but I remember Chicken Island, because well it’s an island shaped like a chicken.

The trip was definitely worth it. The turquoise water and the stunning island formation were breathtaking. However, it can get a little tiring and somewhat restless after a couple of hours especially with the not so comfortable seating, so it is important to make sure you get enough room to be able to change your seating position once in a while.

This is important too because my sister and I ended up with sunburn on one arm only!

Lunch is provided but you may want to pack something to munch though most of the island we stopped by have the “floating cafes”. Oh, though they do provide drinking water, but it’s best to bring some your own; either to wash the salty sea water after a dip, or to dehydrate because boy, the heat can be unbearable.

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