Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Krabi pt2

We found Aloha Inn through TripAdvisor. There was nothing but good reviews about the place, so we thought hey why not. The price was very reasonable and when we saw that the B&B is only a 3-minute walk from the beach, we were sold!

The booking is so easy. Not long after we confirmed our booking, the owner of the B&B personally emailed us to confirm our reservation and offer their assistance with anything we need. Which we did. We asked lots and lots of question up to a point they got confused because of our very similar names. *LOL* In the end, he replied to both of us and reconfirmed whose name should be on the card when during arrival at the airport.

We checked-in into their “penthouse” because we *ahem* deserved it. The room was huge with a king-sized bed. True to its name, the d├ęcor is very much “Hawaiian” but that only gives the whole place character. I especially like the batik lizard placed at the edge of bed.

For a while, I really thought Krabi lizards were that big!

There was a balcony but the view isn’t the greatest. We were facing some kitchen but it was already mentioned in their website, so we didn’t really care.

View from the balcony

Besides, who wants to spend their time on the balcony?

Nightlife in Krabi is almost non-existent so the B&B provided lots of DVDs for our viewing pleasure, which was great because the local channels are all in Thai. Even the western movies were dubbed in Thai language which was super weird.

They have different types of room available, all at very cheap prices. I prefer a simple and clean B&B compared to resorts and hotels because first, I cannot afford them. Secondly, even if I can afford them, I think it’s a waste as you only spend little time in the room. Unless you don’t plan to come out larr. *winks*

B&Bs also offer a more personal touch. When was the last time you sit and chat with the owner/manager of the Inn? They are always the best person to talk to about the place, where to go and what to do and we had plenty to ask.

This is also one of the reasons why we are going back to the same inn for our next trip! *woohoo*

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