Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Krabi ep5

For some reason, we were psyched when we saw the elephant ride packages in Krabi. We went back to the same tour operator for the packages because we were too lazy to scout around.

There are few packages you can choose from. One full day, half day, one hour and it also includes jungle trekking, waterfall visit and everything else I do not remember. We opt for the simplest one; 1 hour elephant ride (or was it 2) because we plan to spend the rest of the day lazing by the beach.

They brought us to Nosey Parker’s Elephant Camp about 20 minutes from Ao Nang. Now, I cannot remember how many elephants were there but I remember there was only one male elephant in the camp and he was too old to reproduce.

Yes, that information is important somehow.

And if you are sakai like me, there is this hut thingy where we only have to climb the stairs and slide onto the seat.

Maybe it’s just me, but I got a little nervous sitting on that seat. There was no safety belt and I keep imagining the elephant would run amok and we’ll end up falling with the elephant squashing me to death. Yes, I have a very wild imagination.

While walking to the hut to pick us up, the elephant pooped. A big one. Our elephant’s name is Dao Thong (I think) which means No Gentle. That is not comforting.

We went to the nearby area where we had to cross a river, and hilly side. I am amazed how the elephant manage to balance herself.

I guess she was hungry as she makes a lot of stop to feed herself with leaves and tree barks. She farted too and the smell, OMG the smell was pretty bad.

True to her name, she has a mind of her own and wanted to climb the almost 70 degree hill. *heart attack*

There wasn’t much to see except for the batik lizard we saw on the trees. Oh, and how she uses her trunk to knock down a small tree because she wants to eat it.

So after a while, we finally went back. We get to feed her with bananas and pineapple. Macam vacuum her trunk. We also get to see another elephant shower and them eating the lunch.

Most of the elephants would take the whole stalk of plant and smash it on the ground, hoping it will separate into smaller pieces. The male elephant was smart. He actually stepped on the plant and uses his trunk to tear the leaves apart. *claps hand*

I am pretty sure if you guys take the elephant and jungle trekking you would have a more awesome experience. I am done with the elephant ride though. It was fun, but I rather spend my time enjoying the sun.

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