Thursday, July 13, 2006

everyday I love you less and less

Would it be a big deal if I stab someone with a stapler?

The Drama Queen, The Butt Kisser, The Storyteller, The Lazy Arse, The Showoffs, The Advantage Taker and The Agitator; put them all together and they could make your working life a pain in the arse.

I thought I have escaped from my nightmare. I turned down a good job offer because I swear I will never work with her again. Unfortunately, the universe is still playing a joke on me.

Now I have to deal a bigger pain in the arse because she is my senior. Though by right I don't have to report to her, I kinda have to because she treats me like I am her PA or something. *rolling eyes* As a butt kisser, she puts up a great act in front of the bosses. She suddenly has a whole new personality when the boss walks in. Always ready to please even if its means telling stories about colleagues or circumstances. Doesn't she realize this personality change? I mean you badmouth the boss and yet you kissarse. You think the rest of us stupid + blind ka?

She also have the nerve to take credit for somebody else' work. "Hello, we are standing right here and we could hear you". Another thing I cannot stand is her bad manners. The way she talks to other people is killing me. She is rude and unprofessional. She really needs to learn some interpersonal skills and manners. How did she end up in communications is beyond me.

Today is another headache.

Though ALMOST every morning I wake up all happy and cheerful, the moment I walked into my department my happiness is being sucked right out of me. I mean, how would you feel when the first thing you see is a sour face? She ignored your greetings and pretends she is busy working on her computer. Please note that this sourness magically disappears when the superior or the boss walks in.

She was supposed to attend the morning briefing but she didn't bother to go because she just doesn't care. I know the pressure attending this briefing, but it is her responsibility. Faking stomach upsets and all just to avoid the briefing is immature and irresponsible.

She then handed over numerous jobs to me and I am already loaded with other work. I didn't say anything because I didn't wanna make a big deal out of it since I am still on probation and the last thing I need is for her to badmouth about me to the boss. When the other colleagues asked her about a certain job she will say she wasn't instructed/informed about it. YEAH RIGHT. I personally pass her the printed copy (she printed it herself!) of the Media Plan and I saw an advertisement that was supposed to come out this Saturday. But she told the other colleague the boss didn't email her the media plan because she wasn't suppose to handle the F&B. Wtf?

I really don't know what is she working on. Everything that the boss asked her to do, she will pass it to me and she even had the nerve to get credit for it. "Oh I checked with the post office..." Bloody hell. I spend two days trying to get the information from the post.

You know what pisses me off the most? When I found out she was actually studying her Korean (she was selected to attend a Korean class organized by the hotel) instead of doing any work. Oohhh, how I badly want to kick her arse. She had the nerve to tell me to finish all the tasks that I haven't done yet. Of course larr I haven't done it because it is not urgent and I only have a pair of hands.

She came back from Korean class (they're having classes during work hour!) and she started blabbing asking me if I have send out the press release and I should have done it earlier. No one told me to do it. The email was sent to all of us (a follow-up job). Besides, I am already loaded with other things and she always sent the press release herself. WHY IS SHE BARKING AT ME FOR???

I take it all in patiently because I know what goes around comes around. Maybe I am paying back for all the crazy/bad deeds that I have done before.

I am not gonna let her get into me. She is just one small hurdle I must learn to overcome. People like her remind me of things I never want to be.

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