Thursday, September 28, 2006


*achoo* *sniff sniff*
My youngest sister went to KL a last week and all she brought was this lousy virus.

She passed the virus to my son, and my son passed it to my mom and I, and my mom passed it to my dad. I am thinking to share it with everyone in the office. *evil laugh* My plan is working because a colleague is complaining of headache and watery eyes. *evil laugh* It is really tiring but taking an MC means one unpaid day. Oh well, if I am still sick tomorrow I will go and see the panel doctor. I have been swallowing so many medications I wonder if I would overdose. If I do, well, I will definitely become famous the next day. Everyone just loves a good gossip/story.

Thank goodness for the massage later. I really need it.

I love weddings. I already know how my wedding would be. It will be simple and intimate. I attended a wedding with 3,000 guests, buffet style. The queue was so long, my friends and I decided to leave and have our dinner elsewhere. One guy threatened to eat his own tongue if he is not provided with food immediately! *LOL* I was shocked to see that many guests though I suspect most of them are there for the free food/liquor. I mean, the father of the bride was giving a speech, but people were already lining up at the buffet table! *tsk tsk tsk* If I were the bride, I will be pretty pissed off. I want people to look and me and tell me how beautiful and radiant I look; instead of wondering what are they serving for dinner or where did the "Beer Girls" go with their refills. *rolls eyes*

Wedding and relationships seems to be the topic of my weekend. Having the flu and allergic reaction isn’t helping either. It is so bloody cold in the office now, if I have balls, it would be frozen by now. *chuckle* The running nose is almost… err.. drying? *LOL* The fever is still here though. *dang* I foresee an MC tomorrow unless I wake up all healthy.


I did take that MC. Well I took an unpaid leave actually. My dad’s car had to break down that day. I was having high fever, aching bones, the so-called coughing and the half-dry/half runny nose. I spent the day sleeping while my mom look after my sick and demanding son. I think the office air-cond made me worse. I am just so lazy to carry extra sweater or something in the office and I still haven’t brought one in. Oh well, maybe next week after I clean it.

Oh, the massage Monday night was superb. I actually slept towards the end of the massage. Maybe I was too tired/not feeling so well, but it felt like the best massage I had ever had. Now I need another massage *whistle*

It has been five days since I started falling sick, and I still feel a little shitty, groggy and the muscles are still aching. Been doing a lot of physical work and it is draining a lot of my energy and sanity not to hide under my covers (not that I sleep with any!) when it is time to wake and get my arse moving or otherwise I will be late for work. I always try to be a helpful and "passionate" team member, but it is weird when other people from the other department noticed how pale and sickly I looked but no one in my team seems to notice or care.

Oh well.

So, my mom is going to China with the rest of her "clique" -> my gramps, uncles & aunties. Wish I were invited. I need to take few days off work to look after Ekiel. I manage to arrange sitters so I only need three days off. Then the boss suggested that if I like I could drop him off at the Kiddies Club so I don’t need time off. My Ekiel? In a day care? Honestly I welcome the idea. BUT my Ekiel is a little difficult to handle. He doesn’t do strangers and is very attached to certain family members. I could already imagine the horror of those poor day care workers once Ekiel starts throwing his tantrums. *ahaks* My mom, sisters, brothers and dad complained about their trip to KL. "Your son is a nightmare." "He throws tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants." "He is spoilt." "He is troublesome." "Difficult." I could go on and on.

The other thing would be my mom. She has this thing about strangers taking care of her children/grandchildren. Every time she complains how difficult it is to look after Ekiel, I’ll suggest pre-school or day care center then she will commented how unsafe it is or how kids can easily get sick from mixing from other kids and so on. So even when Ekiel is ready, my mom will never be ready.

Although I know what my mom will think, I will run the idea by her. Who knows, the excitement about the China trip may change her mind.

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