Friday, September 29, 2006

Go Go Power Rangers

If I could have super powers, I would choose to the ability to read minds.
Why not? It would definitely make my life less complicated for sure.
I will never get my heart broken nor would I ever embarrass myself ever again.
I know I shouldn’t let those people get to me, but it is so tiring to pretend it didn’t matter.
Just because they assume I didn’t mind (most prob they think I’m stupid) they do it over and over and over again. If I listen to my heart, I would "Otromen" all these people. -> Otromen = Ultramen (a Japanese superhero) It’ll be cool to know what are they thinking about me. Good and bad. Doesn’t matter.

People who couldn't handle a joke should not play jokes on other people.

It’s really funny how some people think it’s okay to make fun of other people but become upset when the "making fun" was redirected towards them. *chuckle* I don’t think I am THAT witty but I know I can be sarcastic when I want too. I admit most times I speak before I think. Thank goodness with the little amount of wit I have, I hardly make a fool out of myself. But I suspect most people are actually laughing at me instead of laughing with me. :P Oh well, at least I am not a sourpuss like some people. *rolls eyes*

Before, when you make fun of me, I’ll just smile and keep my mouth shut. Now, when you make fun of me, I twist it and we ended up laughing at you. Not so funny anymore eh? *evil laugh* She is still sulking until today. Do me a favor; please go away.

My mind is MIA. I am going about with my daily routine/work without it. It’s like I am here but my mind/concentration is elsewhere. Like Robocop minus the ensemble and wiring. I still feel shitty and I am beginning to wonder if there is more to this fever/flu thing. *touch wood* I’ll wait few more days and see how it goes. The doctor said it is just some viral infection.

I did go to see the doctor last Wednesday. I went after work, and the resident doctor wasn’t in. I didn’t know this. I was expecting to see an old Indian doctor but someone else greeted me in the room. I was surprised and wondered if I have walked in to the wrong room. He was a young Chinese/Sino Kadazan guy? I don’t know which ethnic group he belongs to. He was pleasant looking and speaks good English. Hee. I also think he was bored and was paying all his attention to me a little too much. I was his only patient. Well at least during the whole time I was there. He thoroughly asked me every question, checking everything from blood pressure, heartbeat, temperature checking, eyes, ears, nose, and throat. BTW, I find it weird he took my temperature with that thing that looks like a piece of paper you stick on your forehead. Isn’t that for babies? So he told me it was just viral infection and he sends me off with some painkillers, vitamin C and something for my nausea. He did also say if I don’t get better in a couple of days, I need to come back because there are sickness that takes days to develop. *rolls eyes*

So. It’s Friday. Tomorrow is the first Creative Writing class. I am a little nervous and worried. I admit I am a little paranoid when it comes to writing for other people. Sure I write/blog but it’s different kan? I don’t care, well I do care about the grammars or the spelling errors or whether my writing makes sense to other people but to let other people who claims they’re good enough to grade my writing is scary. Although I never had someone tell me I write badly, but there is always a first time for everything. Wait, my boss thinks my press release is acceptable. BUT, I was writing out of nothing. Oh well. I just hope I am not the worst out of the lot. I am not competitive. I just don’t like people to think I am a sad case. Heh? *LOL*

"Do you know what a blog is?"
WTF? Bad enough some people in the office only speaks to me in BM although they speak fluent English, to ask me if I know what a blog is was really… annoying. Do I look like someone who’s been living under a coconut shell in the middle of the jungle? I just nod my head and keep my mouth shut. I need the blog to bitch.

I know I look shitty because I couldn’t be bothered about grooming/makeup. Too tiring la. Not wearing "Chinese Opera Makeup" -> borrowed that phrase from a friend. *ahaks* like most of them in the office doesn’t mean I am less productive/intelligent/interesting individual. I just don’t waste my time parading myself looking for attention. If I want attention, I rather talk to my sister’s dead fish.

For some reason, my insomnia is back. The dark circle under my eyes could put those panda bears to shame. I do not want to look myself in the mirrors/pictures because when I do, I just want to cry. I don’t hate myself. I just dislike, no, hate, no, dislike, err... at the moment hate the packaging I came with. I am no supermodel. I am not even physically attractive. I have always accepted the fact that I am average. It’s just that lately my level of confidence for the physical look department has been running REALLY low. REALLY REALLY LOW. I must have accidentally used it up while fighting the evil witch in the office.

Misfortunes come in packs. One problem after the other. Although it is mostly about material/earthly things, it is enough to give me a headache if not a heart attack. I wish money grow on tree. When I hit the jackpot, the first thing I will do is cry thankfully. Notice how optimistic I am even when everything else is going down? Seriously, the universe needs to get a hobby or at least a new "target" so they could play this cruel jokes on them instead.

I have also been watching to many mushy movies that led me to think I am never going to find my true love. Ever. Why you ask? One of the many reasons are, those who have found love do not look anything like me. They have perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect teeth, perfect body, perfect everything. Even when they wake up in the morning with the bird flu, they still look so beautiful. Other reasons would be I am looking for something that doesn’t exist/extinct and the universe does not have better things to do but to play their cruel jokes on me.

I think it’s for my medication. You notice it too huh?

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