Sunday, September 17, 2006

Right Thurr

Where has the weekend go?
I am still tired and no, I did not do any spring cleaning that I have been planning since… who knows when. All I do is watch TV, minimal cleaning and lots of sleeping. I also manage to catch up with friends or rather updated myself with their latest happening through their profiles. Everyone seems to be doing just fine and some are doing A LOT better. I am SO VERY THE JEALOUS but hey, they deserve it. Though there are a few whom I think doesn’t deserve that much of happiness but I am not going to argue about that again. Not today.

Last Friday, some friends and I headed down to the local club. We needed to chill after the insanity we have to face in the office. It has been a while since I REALLY party. We started with a bitching session which is compulsory. It helps to get those frustrations out. Btw, don’t you dare roll your eyes on me, because admit it, you do it too. Yes, you men bitch too. Ha.

We were talking about people + exes and their characters. Tittle-tattles. Life would be less complicated if people would just stop judging other people. PERSONAL means PRIVATE and not to be the subject of your lunch break. :P I admit I do talk about other people but I never discuss about your personal life or choices. I comment on work ethics. Interpersonal skills. Common sense.

It is sad to know some people have nothing better to. Don’t be surprise if they have a bigger closet with skeletons in them.

So, after those people in the café gave us that dirty look for overstaying, we moved to the club. The last time I club in town was well, ages ago. About 4 years? I don’t know what to expect really. My worst case scenario would be – me bored and thank goodness it wasn’t that bad. The crowd sucked, sure. The band was really good even the lead singer whose head and feet are too small for his body. If I close my eyes and listen to him sing, I would SO fall in love with him. One of the girl singers was superb and she also has a very COOL tattoo.

There were many bad dancers and “Young & Dangerous” wannabes. Where did all these people get their fashion tips anyway? I swear there were a lot of “Happy” guys there too, not that I have anything against them. It’s just nice to see strong, macho good looking straight men once in a while. I needed to “guy watch” that night, but that SO DID NOT HAPPENED. *sigh* Btw, is it true that the club is actually a “Happy” joint? Wow. A Happy Bar in a not-so-open-minded community. That’s development to you people!

The chicks were pretty happening. Well, some of them are. Some are trying too hard, but that is just my opinion. The DJ was playing pretty cool stuff until he started the rev music. It wasn’t that bad, but my friends couldn’t handle it and I am older than these people.

We headed to another club. It was a pretty cool place but the DJ too started playing some house music and it was our signal to head home.

Do I miss my partying days? Yes, that night was one of those nights when I miss my Joget Girls and Lil Party Bro A LOT. Do I want my old life back NO. While I was in the club, I spaced out missing my Ekiel so much until one of them snapped me back into reality. I just needed to unwind and dance a little which was impossible with the 3” x 3” space I had. Oh well, there’s always next week. LOL.

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