Sunday, November 12, 2006

Evaporated creative juices

After attending my Creative Writing Class, I realized I am just an ordinary writer. Not that creative after all.
The evidence.

Re-write the following sentences in your creative style (something like that larr) Blue is my answer. In red is the lecturer's.

1. Look morning is here.
- It’s another beautiful morning
~ Watch as Mother Nature slowly but surely lifts her black veil over the horizon, exposing the morning sun yearning to break free.

2. Watch the daylight clear the dark sky
- Celebrate the colors of the universe as daylight creeps over night
~ Watch as the piercing sunray melts the cover of darkness like butter to a flame

3. Look, a leaf is falling down being blown by the wind
- The leaf dances with the wind, celebrating a full life and another new beginning
~ Watch as a leaf detach itself from its host and glide down on cushion of whispering breeze

4. Smell the wet grass which is newly mowed
- Smell the sweet fragrance of nature as they mow the wet blanket of earth
~ Smell the aroma of freshly cut grass bathed by the softness of the morning dew

5. Listen to the sounds being made by the birds in the morning
- Listen to the birds as they sing songs of praises of another new beginning
~ Listen as the birds cheerfully greet the morning sun in a multitude of chatters only they understand

Oh dear. MY only explanation is, I don’t function very well in the mornings. HA.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't think your descriptions are that bad. Your tutor probably fancies themselves as a know it all...creativity like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

- O -

angelicbug said...

thanks O.
yes, we tend to 'glorify' people who we assume knows their stuff. i agree. creativity is subjective.