Tuesday, November 14, 2006

grinning like an idiot

It’s funny how one insignificant news could change your day.
I was having my “I am bored-sleepy-lazy plus giddy” day.
You know, my everyday routine. *whistles*
Today was a little warm.
I swear they shut the air-cond down just for the fun of it.
I was perspiring underneath my thick and out-of-fashion uniform.
It was after five.
I was getting restless and I desperately need to go back and watch TV but I must finish editing those photos first.
My colleague started talking about the supernatural events that happened/is happening in the office.
I was intrigued.
I only need to edit few more photos.
I got mail.
I looked at the sender’s name while listening and editing my photos in between.
It was a good friend.
Subject : xxx.
Another forwarded email I thought.
I browsed the email quickly.
They heard whispers and noises.
Who he what?
I go through the email again.
My colleague's babbling became a blur.
Finished the last photo.
He didn’t?
No way.
Replied email.
*still grinning*
Responded to my colleague appropriately.
*still grinning*
Switch the computer off.
*still grinning*

It feels really good when “someone from the past” asked about you.
Fyi, I am still grinning after four hours and counting.
A natural high.

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